March 20, 2020


Dear Adventure Club Parents,    


Thank you for trusting us with your school-age children! Adventure Club is open – ready – and prepared to care for your school-age children in a clean, safe, engaging place.  


With the Governor’s recent mandates, we have had to make a plan of compliance to meet the group size of 10.  


The changes are TEMPORARY until restrictions are rescinded. Thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding as we work together during this Corona crisis.


  1. Grouping Modifications
    1. School-age children will be a 1 to 9 ratio with one teacher totaling 10 in the group.
    2. The children’s group will be separated by utilizing the café and large room which will be sectioned off for two groups.
  2. Mealtime Adjustments
    1. The Café will be limited to a group size of 10 for each mealtimes and snack periods. Groups will rotate after the Cafe’ is cleaned and sanitized after every use.
  3. Health and Safety Policies Expanded
    1. New Sick Procedure – if a child or staff have a temp of over 99 degrees- they must stay home and return 48 hrs fever free without medication.
  4. Center Hours Modified
    1. Center hours for children’s care will be 7:00 am to 5:30 pm
    2. The modification will allow us to add additional cleaning times and disinfecting the center daily.
    3. New center hours begin Monday, March 23, 2020


Thank you for working with us as we move forward in these challenging times!

Donna Roberts, Founder and CEO

Deanne Sowers, Chief Operating Officer

Allyson Taylor, Director of Enrollment

Casey Gutierrez, Accounts Manager and Live Agent