DSS Families


We are happy to hear that you are interested in becoming a part of The Adventure Club Family.  If you will be using The Department of Social Services to help pay for your child’s tuition these are the steps you must take:

  1. Visit 210 Pepper Street in Christiansburg and see either Anne Hall or Brandy King to get approved
  2. Request that Anne or Martha contact our main office to let us know what your family was approved for and your start date.  PLEASE be aware: this process could take several days, you will be responsible for any accrued charges if your child attends before your authorized date.
  3. Send us your child’s birth certificate, health forms, and immunization records
  4. Go online and enroll your child into our program
  5. You will hear from our main office within 48 hours of these completed documents to verify completion.  Feel free to call within this timeframe to ask any questions!

Once approved:

You MUST bring your DSS card to the school site daily to swipe for your child’s attended days.  The Adventure Club does not have the ability to send your swiped transaction on the spot.  The Site Manager will verify that your swiped attendance was submitted and sent properly.

If you did not swipe for all attended days, miskeyed a date or transaction time, they will notify you that you must “backswipe” your card to compensate for the missed day.  We have a period of 7 days to complete “backswiped” transactions.  If you do not “backswipe” within this allotted timeframe we will create a paper bill that you must sign in blue ink for The Adventure Club to mail to DSS.  If you refuse to sign this paperwork for any reason your personal account will be billed for the amount on the bill.

Good to know:

If your child was approved for mornings and evenings with us you will swipe your child “in” with your card upon drop off.  Then, at the end of the day, you will swipe your child “out” from the morning’s program, back “in” and “out” for the evening’s program.  To recap: one swipe in the morning, three swipes in the evening.

If an authorized contact picks up your child and they do not have your card you will need to “backswipe” for this day as soon as you drop your child off again.