The Adventure Club

2019-20 Before & After School Age Program

Welcome to The Adventure Club!

The Adventure Club is proud to celebrate our 30th year inside the public school system. Through our journey we have developed many friendships with the schools, companies across the NRV, and the families that we serve. We look forward to including you into our Adventure Club Family.

The Adventure Club-where our mentors are excitedly waiting to explore with your child every school day.

The Adventure Club is thrilled to be operating out of our Montgomery County Public Schools for 30 years!  Along the way, we have developed many friendships with the schools and companies throughout the community, and with the families that we serve. Our journey is full of fun, laughter, talent, and an eagerness to explore what lies ahead.

Motto:  Parents’ Partner Children’s Choice

Slogan:  Growing Smarter, Growing Ready, Growing Together

Mission:  To provide superior childcare at an affordable cost.  We want to make sure every child has the opportunity to become a part of The Adventure Club Family

Philosophy:  We are all children of varying ages.  We all deserve to feel cared for, supported, encouraged, nurtured, educated, and kept from harm’s way.

We strive to be the best at all of these things for the children in our program and for one another.

We are a team.