Important Parent News Update

Hello Adventure Club Parents!                                                                                    July 26, 2022

We are extremely grateful to be sharing some good news with you concerning Fall tuition prices and our transition to a new software system, but first let me say – how thankful we are for you and your families!  We understand fully that without your loyalty and support we would not be a successful school-age childcare program that is parent’s partner and children’s choice!

For 47 years in the childcare business, I have had many thrilling rides on the economic roller-coaster; and 2022 proves to be yet another steep dip that makes me hold on a little tighter. I have been working diligently with my leadership teams to ensure excellent care is consistent while controlling cost and conserving resources during this economic downturn. 

Together, we are pleased to share what we have done to minimize the effects in controlling costs and maintain our standards of care.

Please review carefully- and contact our Main Office if you have any questions.  

  1. We are changing from ProCare to Childcare Seer to improve services.

You know firsthand that ProCare has caused us lots of challenges in the past few months – and we have been looking for a better system.


Procare is a user updated system – slow- with out-of-date technology compared to Childcare Seer. Childdcare Seer has the most current technology – automated – real time – live system available to childcare centers at a lower price than we are currently paying. 


Childcare Seer launches on August 15, 2022.

Childcare Seer Advantages:

  1. Request enrollments and hourly care, request changes, see the actual schedule
  2. Live connections through the APP available on Desktop and Mobile
  3. Manage personal and child information online, upload avatars and important documents
  4. Improved check-in process
  5. Increased communication through APP with parent messaging directly to our administrators
  6. Improved Payment Automation tuition sweeps automatically on Sunday Evening instead of tuition being manually processed on Thursday.
  7. Pay ahead online, get notified when there are unpaid bills. Schedule payments on a regular basis.  Easily access transparent transaction history
  8. Improved classroom management attendance with live enrollment counts and projections- with red flags when ratios are out of compliance
  9. Improved record management – it automatically alerts parents and staff when something has expired


  1. We are increasing Tuition on August 15, 2022


  1. Tuition prices will increase 7% on all full-time tuition types.
    1. Before Care – weekly rate $64.50
    2. After Care – weekly rate $64.50
    3. Before & After Care – weekly rate $85.50
  2. Tuition discounts for sibling will remain at 5%
  3. Flex Care is being replaced with “Reserved Hourly Care” at $10/hour. Hourly Care is reserved/scheduled by the parent prior to use via the parent portal APP, Childcare Seer. (A link to this APP will be provided to you once you have enrolled)
  4. Credit card processing fees will be added on to tuition – The payment software, Childcare Seer, does this automatically
    1. Personal checks – no processing fee – Checks will need to be given to our Main Office or your child’s Site Manager BEFORE attending the following week. For Fall enrollment, you will need to bring your payment to the Main Office located at 77 Scattergood Drive Christiansburg, VA 24073
    2. Credit Card – add on fee of 3.4% + $0.50 cents per transaction
    3. Debit Bank account – add on fee of 0.95 % + $0.25 cents per transaction


  1. Here is more information in Changing Over to Childcare Seer

August 15 – you will have direct and easy access to your child’s billing, emergency contacts, documents, and schedule. You’ll be able to use our contactless kiosk, request schedule changes, set up and change automatic payments, communicate with our administrators and so much more!

We wanted to take a moment to give you some details about what to expect from this all-in-one childcare software experience. One of the many advantages of Child Care Seer is that it allows parents to access and update their child’s profile information as needed, without having to email and contact our Main Office. 

1st Step — Receiving a Confirmation Email

The Adventure Club will send you an email as your Fall Enrollment is processed with a link to confirm your child’s profile information. This includes contact information for all adults on your account as well as emergency contacts for your child.  You do not need a Child Care Seer account to access this link.


2nd Step — Downing the Seer App

From your Seer APP account:

  1. Confirm your information

you can message administration, pay your bill, view your child’s daily journal, set up and manage auto payments, load money to your account, request a reserved hourly visit, enroll in a new program, upload necessary documents, download tax receipts and so much more!

You must set up your APP and have it completed by Friday, Aug 12

3rd Step — USE Your Kiosk PIN — On August 15

August 15th you will be able to check your child in and out using the Childcare Seer Kiosk. Each Adventure club school Site Director at all our locations will have a unique 6-digit PIN to help keep your child safe.  If you forget your PIN, you can access it on your App on the Parent Portal located under “Security”.

When you enter your PIN, you’ll be able to select which of your children to check in.  Please be sure to push the blue check-in button to record your entry and click Finish when done. 

If you have an outstanding balance at The Adventure Club, you may be unable to use the kiosk for check-in or check-out per Adventure Club policy, and you will pay by contacting our Main Office at 540-382-3783 before you can check-in or TEXT to Casey at 985-503-8757.

If you have any questions about Childcare Seer, feel free to contact our Main Office at 540-382-3783.

Thank you again for blessing us with your children. We are committed to providing our families with the most reliable, trusted, and exceptional school-age childcare program in the NRV.

Kind Regards,


Donna Thornton Roberts, MBA

Owner and Founder

The Adventure Club


[email protected]