Before & After Care Schedule

ourkids2The Adventure Club has 5 Before and After School Care center locations.

TAC On-Site Location Mapour-kids1

Our goal is to provide a safe environment with fun, age-appropriate activities that enhance your child’s education. The Adventure Club activities enhance children’s learning to become self-confident, academically successful and socially cultured.

Our planned curriculum, age grouping, and skilled team members work together to provide stimulating environments that foster children’s development.

While every Adventure Club program is unique, the following model is representative of what your child’s experience would look like.

Meet our mascot, Ollie the Owl

Meet our mascot, Ollie the Owl

Morning Schedule
6:30am-7:00am — Listen to Music and Play Quiet Games
7:00am-7:45am — Small Group Games
7:45am-8:15am — Team Building Group Game
8:15am-8:30am — Clean up and Get Ready for School

Afternoon Schedule

3:30pm-4:15pm — Calm Homework and Snack Time
4:15pm-4:45pm — Physical Team Building Activities
4:45pm-5:00pm — Children Choose
5:00pm-5:30pm — Project:  Around the World
5:30pm-6:00pm — Free Play and Clean Up

Hillsville Afternoon Schedule (PM Only for this location)
3:05pm-3:50pm — Calm Homework and Snack Time
3:50pm-4:20pm — Physical Team Building Activities
4:20pm-4:35pm — Children Choose
4:35pm-5:05pm — Project:  Around the World
5:05pm-6:00pm — Free Play and Clean Up

Hours of Operation

Auburn Elementary:
6:00am-school bell rings-6:00pm
Christiansburg Primary School:
6:00am-school bell rings-6:00pm
Falling Branch Elementary:
6:30am-school bell rings-6:00pm
Kipps Elementary:
6:30am-school bell rings-6:00pm

Hillsville Elementary:
School bell rings 3:05pm-6:00pm (PM Only for this location)