Thank you for visiting our Adventure Club Summer Camp page!

We’re so excited to share all of our summer camp plans with you and your children very soon! We appreciate your patience while we finalize all the fun your children will have with The Adventure Club at Galaxy Play USA this summer!

We can’t wait to see you!


What you need to know for summer camp! 

♦ CAMP DATES:  To be announced

♦ Behavior Guidelines:  Please take some time to speak with your child about wrong and right behaviors that will help them understand that summer camp is a privilege to attend.

♦ No Tolerance Rule for Field Trip Camp (when applicable):  For the safety of everyone during field trips, “Best Behaviors” are required to ensure a fun and memorable time for all involved.

♦ Picking Up and Dropping Off Your Child:  All children must be dropped off and picked up in our reception area ONLY and will NOT BE ALLOWED to depart from the deck or the playground! 

♦ Clocking Your Child In/Out:  For your child’s safety, parent’s are required to clock their child in/out daily. 

♦ Sunscreen Application:  Please provide a min SPF 30, in it’s original box, labeled with your child’s name & DOB. Our mentors will apply as necessary. 

♦ Change of Clothes:  If you feel your child might need a change of clothes, please provide them in a plastic bag with their name on it. 

♦ Head Lice Exposure:  Should a breakout occur, The Adventure Club cannot be held responsible as our program is publicly accessible. When a child is found to have lice, they will be moved to an area away from other children to prevent further exposure. The parent will then be contacted to have the child picked up asap. There will be NO Refunds if you decide to withdrawal your child after exposure. 

♦ Rate & Payment Schedule:  To be announced

♦ Registration and Supply Fees:   To be announced

♦ MCPS Employees:  Any full days of care needed prior to the first day or after the last day of school, standard daily rates and/or summer camp fees will apply. 


Enrollment Reminders for Summer Camp and School Year 2018-19!

During this time of year, we receive vast amounts of summer camp and school year enrollments. We appreciate your patience as we will process 2018 summer enrollments first, and then after summer camp begins we will start processing 2018-19 fall enrollments received.

To help in the enrollment process for summer and/or the school year, please remember the following:

  • Required Documents:  Parents must provide proof of birth, last health physical, and most recent immunizations. We do not ask your child’s school or pediatricians office for this information. Copies can be obtained by the parent from either source and:
    • 1) brought to our main office at 77 Scattergood Drive NW, Christiansburg
    • 2) faxed to 540-382-6529
    • 3) scan and email to
  • Mandatory State Requirements:  Please understand your child will NOT be allowed to start until ALL required documents have been received. 
  • Vendor Discounts for the School Year:  If you work for Lewis Gale, NRVCS, Dish Network, or MCPS, we require proof of employment before your discount will apply. This is required for both NEW and RETURNING families regardless of whether proof was supplied the previous year. We recognize that employment changes can occur, and therefore this is our policy to receive any vendor discounts. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • Families Receiving Subsidy Care:  If you are receiving childcare assistance from DSS, we must first obtain authorization before your child can begin.