Blacksburg Adventure Club Center

A safe environment with fun, age-appropriate activities that enhance your child’s education.

We have an Open Door policy. Feel free to visit during our operating hours and experience the Adventure that awaits your child.

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The Early Years

Infants, Toddlers and Two Year Olds…

Infants must be at least 6 weeks old in order to enroll at The Adventure Club Center. An individual schedule, provided by the parents, will be followed by your child’s primary caregiver.

This schedule will include feeding and sleeping schedules, until your child is eating table food. Since we believe that meal times are a time for nurturing and interaction, your child will be held during bottle feedings. However, when your infant or toddler shows signs of wanting to feed themselves, we will encourage them to do so.

The Emerging Years

Our Pre-School Program…

A child’s personality is truly emerging during the preschool years. They will begin to express their likes and dislikes. And you’ll be able to see their talents bloom during these years.

In our preschool and Pre-K programs, we combine the seven learning centers in order to meet their needs and the needs of the Foundation Blocks of Learning.

  • Creative Art/ Individual Expression
  • Dramatic Play/ Role Playing
  • Blocks/ Woodworking
  • Math & Manipulative Play
  • Discovering Science
  • Music & Movement
  • Language Arts / Kindergarten Readiness Skills


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